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BIC® Multi-Purpose Lighter & FlameDisk
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How It Works

BIC® FlameDisk® can be used in charcoal grills to cook a variety of foods. When ready to light, peel off film cover exposing the holes of the FlameDisk. Remove food grate from grill. Place FlameDisk in bottom of grill in level position with the holes facing up. Fully open all grill vents. With a BIC® Multi-purpose lighter or long match, light fuel through any one of the outer holes. Flame will automatically spread. WARNING! Flame may be hard to see. Assume fuel is lit, even if you do not see flames.

Carefully replace food grate, wait 4 minutes, then cook food. Utilizing solidified ethanol technology, FlameDisk provides approximately 40 minutes of grilling time. The FlameDisk's unique lid provides excellent flame-grilled flavor. At the end of your grilling session there is no soot, ash, or dangerous hot coals. Before disposing of FlameDisk, burn all fuel completely and then let cool an additional 10 minutes before handling.

How it Works

Peel-Light-Grill-Dispose When Cool

Peel, Light, Grill, Dispose


FlameDisk uses ethanol as the main fuel ingredient. Our ethanol comes from corn, a renewable resource. The FlameDisk lights instantly and burns for approximately 40 minutes, easily enough time for a couple rounds of grilled food. When you're done grilling, before disposing of FlameDisk, burn all fuel completely and then let cool an additional 10 minutes before handling.


Fits In Most Charcoal Grills

FlameDisk works with the charcoal grill you already own. Place FlameDisk into your charcoal grill. For a large grill serving 2-4 people, use one FlameDisk. For a large grill with a large amount of food, two FlameDisks can be used together to heat the entire grilling surface.

FlameDisk is always ready for most charcoal grills.

Most Charcoal Grills

Any Food

From brats to burgers and chops to kabobs, FlameDisk grills it all. FlameDisk provides approximately 40 minutes of grilling time that’s perfect for grilling a variety of foods.

Any Food

FlameDisk® Lid

Love that flame-grilled flavor but hate the hassle of charcoal? FlameDisk keeps all the flavor but none of the hassle thanks to the lid. When juice drips off food, it lands on the built-in lid creating true flame-grilled taste.

FlameDisk® Lid

No Clean-up

How can we say it more simply? With FlameDisk there are no hot coals, no ash, and no soot leftover – that's the definition of no cleanup! There is nothing left behind except the FlameDisk's aluminum shell, which cools to the touch in 10 minutes and may even be recycled.

WARNING! Flame may be hard to see and may burn below the top of the FlameDisk. Make sure flame is extinguished and FlameDisk has cooled before touching it or disposing of it. Dispose of cool FlameDisk in your trash or recycle according to local requirements for recycling of aluminum. May only be recyclable in communities where aluminum products may be recycled. Cleanup after grilling has never been easier in fact, cleanup is basically non-existent!